If possible, you should decide where you want to live, what sort of property you want and your budget before visiting Spain. Obtain details of as many properties as possible in your chosen area and price range, and make a shortlist of those you wish to view. We can help you with this.

You’re usually shown properties personally by agents and won’t be given the keys or be expected to deal with tenants or vendors directly. You should always make an appointment to see properties.


If you make an appointment, you should call and cancel it if you cannot keep it. If you’re on holiday it’s okay to drop in unannounced to have a look at what’s on offer, but don’t expect an agent to show you properties without an appointment. If you view properties during a holiday, it’s better to do so at the start of it so that you can return later to inspect any you particularly like a second or third time.


You should try to view as many properties as possible during the time available, but allow sufficient time to view each property thoroughly, to travel between properties and for breaks for sustenance Although it’s important to see sufficient properties to form an accurate opinion of price and quality, don’t see too many properties in one day (four to six is usually a manageable number), as it’s easy to become confused over the merits of each property. If you’re shown properties that don’t meet your specifications, tell the agent immediately.

You can also help an agent narrow the field by telling them exactly what’s wrong with the properties you reject. It’s advisable to make notes of the good and bad features and take lots of photographs of the properties you like, so that you’re able to compare them later at your leisure (but keep a record of which photos are of which house!). The more a property appeals to you, the more you should look for faults and negative points – if you still like it after stressing the negative points, it must have special appeal.

Speak to us at Villalingo, we are here to help make moving to Spain as stress free and as enjoyable as possible.

Villa  - Moraira
Moraira Villa 650,000 €
Unique design Villa for sale in Cap Blanc area of Moraira

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